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Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

To get started with our API using Postman, you can use our public postman collection here.

View Postman collection
  • Click "Run in Postman", then run in either your browser or the Postman desktop app (if you've installed this).
  • Select a relevant workspace and click to import the collection. You should now be in the Authorization tab of "Ntropy Transaction API".
  • Replace the "{{apiKey}}" text with your API key, then click Save on the action bar above.
  • You should now be ready to use the API.

Testing your transactions

The simplest way to test out your own business or consumer transactions:

  • Click "Ntropy Transaction API" in the left column
  • Click "classifier"
  • Click "consumer" or "business" (depending on what you are testing)
  • Click "Classify a (consumer/business) transaction".
  • Click "Body" in the top bar.
  • The "Body" page allows you to match the payload sent to the server to the fields you would like to test (some sample fields have already been filled in).
  • When you have finished editing, click "Send" at the top right.
  • The response should appear in the bottom half of the page.


You need an API key to access the Ntropy Transaction API. To get one, please contact us.


API 3.x compatible

Use the link below to download our OpenAPI 3.x compatible API definition.

API Definition

Swagger UI

We also provide Swagger UI for performing interactive queries.

Swagger UI

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